Resident Evil 2 Remake «1-Shot» Demo Coming Soon, And It’s An Unusual One

The release of the Resident Evil 2 remake is creeping closer and closer, and soon you’ll get a taste of the action. But true to the tense survival-horror tone of the series, it’s going to be a race against the clock that tests your skills and wits, and once time has expired you’re out of luck. A demo will be available to download from January 11 through January 31.

The «1-Shot demo» for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will last just 30 minutes. You’ll be put into the shoes of Leon with a set of objectives to complete. If you finish them before the timer is up you can restart the mission to explore Raccoon City again to fill out the rest of the time. If you become a zombie snack, you’ll be able to continue as much as you’d like until you hit the time limit.

Once you complete the demo, you’ll get to view an exclusive new cinematic trailer. You won’t be able to play the demo again once the time has expired, but you can view the trailer as much as you’d like.

Just like the original, the full game will feature dual perspectives between Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. It’s an ambitious project that goes far beyond a simple reskin, though, as Capcom is designing it from the ground up with new scares and a more modern control scheme.

Resident Evil 2 will release on January 25. It’s among our most anticipated games of 2019, in large part because it appears to be doing justice to a bona fide classic. Capcom has been teasing bonus extras like classic costumes and other special looks for the remake. For details on how to get all of their clothing options, along with several other special edition goodies, check out everything we know.

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