Final Fantasy 14’s New Year Event Now Live, New Patch Coming Soon

Following the Christmas-themed Starlight Celebration, Final Fantasy XIV’s annual Heavensturn New Year event is back again on PS4 and PC. The festivities are underway from now through to January 15, giving players until then to take on seasonal quests and earn some New Year gear.

To participate in the Heavensturn event, you’ll need to have a character that is at least level 15, then speak to the Inoshishi Bugyo, who can be found in the upper decks of Limsa Lominsa. It appears the residents of the city are unaware of the festival, so you’ll need to help him drum up some interest and sell his rice cakes.

After completing the event quest you’ll be able to earn two different styles of the Inoshishi Kabuto helmet, which features an adorable piglet sitting on top to commemorate the Year of the Pig. You can also get a new seasonal piece of furniture for your home: the Boar’s Head Kadomatsu. Certain items from previous Heavensturn events can be purchased from the seasonal shop as well.

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In addition to Heavensturn, a new update is on the way to Final Fantasy XIV very soon. Patch 4.5, A Requiem for Heroes, is scheduled to drop on January 8, and it’s set to introduce a load of new content to the game, including a new main scenario, side quests, and a dungeon.

On top of that, Patch 4.5 will bring a new job class: the Blue Mage. You’ll also be able to acquire new mounts and minions, such as an adorable fishing otter, as well as new hairstyles, emotes, and custom deliveries, among other things. You can read more about the upcoming patch on the official Final Fantasy XIV website.

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