Battlefield 5 Is $30 For Owners Of Previous Games

Seems like it used to take a long time for games to dip down to half price. Battlefield V has only been out a few weeks and it’s already available for $30 (or $40 for the Deluxe Edition). The only catch is that you have to own and have access to a recent Battlefield game. But if you don’t? You can still get the standard edition for $40 from various retailers.

The Battlefield subreddit has been abuzz with people posting that the deal has popped up when they’ve signed in to games like Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, and Battlefield 1. We tested it out on Battlefield 1 on Xbox One, and sure enough, the deal appeared in the game’s start menu. So if you have a previous installment and are interested in trying out the new one, boot it up and grab the deal.

Everyone else can get the standard edition of Battlefield V on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $40 from Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Just click the appropriate link below.


Xbox One


As for how the game is, critic Michael Higham scored it 8/10 in our Battlefield V review, writing, «The Battlefield series has a winning formula that Battlefield V doesn’t deviate far from, at least for now. Conquest and the map roster don’t mesh well together, however, Grand Operations-and the other modes within it-steal the show and foster some of the greatest moments the franchise has offered.»

Battlefield V is scheduled to get numerous free DLC expansions in the coming months, the first of which, Chapter 1: Overture, is available now. A free battle royale mode called Firestorm is scheduled to arrive in March.

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