SNK Celebrates It’s 40th Anniversary With A Black Friday NeoGeo Mini Sale

Japanese game company SNK has decided to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a special Black Friday deal for fans. Beginning November 23 – and running through the 26th – players who purchase the NEOGEO Mini via Amazon will get an additional gamepad for free.

The NEOGEO mini is a tiny arcade cabinet packed with a more than 40 classic games, including the King of Fighters series, Samurai Showdown, and Fatal Fury. It features a 3.5″ screen and an HDMI output for those who might want to play on a bigger screen. Players can  even invite their friends to play using up to two gamepads.

The NEOGEMO mini is currently $109.89 on Amazon. Gamepads and other peripherals are sold separately. The gamepads run $25-$30, so this is a pretty sweet deal.

SNK Corporation is the successor to the Shin Nihon Kikaku which was founded on July 22, 1976.  So, this promotion might be a few months late, but is still a pretty nice deal for NEOGEO fans.

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