Fortnite Reaches 200 Million Players

In case it wasn’t already clear, a lot of people play Fortnite. Now, Epic has shared some further specifics on just how popular the battle royale game is.

The developer confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it’s now reached 200 million players worldwide, which is up 60 percent from the 125 million player figure that Epic disclosed back in June. That’s very solid growth. Not only that, but Epic also confirmed that the game reached a peak concurrent user record of 8.3 million players, which is up from 4.3 million concurrent players back in February.

It’s not immediately clear if the 200 million and 8.3 million concurrent player figures cover both the free Fortnite: Battle Royale and the paid Save the World mode. Whatever the case, the battle royale mode is surely much more popular.

In other Fortnite news, the game has added a new gifting feature as part of the big new 6.31 update that came out today and also added a new mode and more. You can learn more about the 6.31 update in GameSpot’s coverage here.

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