Rockstar Games Is Starting On «Next-Generation» Projects

Rockstar Games has announced job listings for new, unannounced titles, which the company has described as «next-generation» projects. Whatever the creators of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V have planned next, it looks like we won’t see it until the release of whatever comes after Xbox One and PS4.

First noticed by Gear Nuke, Rockstar India is hiring for technical artist positions, including a senior environment artist, to join a team tasked with creating «next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects.» The India branch is also hiring a vehicle artist, and the description sounds like it could be for something like GTA 6. Also, Rockstar New York is looking for a MoCap tools developer to help create and build «upon the next generation of MoCap tools and pipeline,» as well as a technical face developer to «help research and develop new technology for future titles.» Rockstar Toronto is also hiring for projects that use next-generation technology.

For fans of Rockstar or people familiar with the process with which the company makes games, these announcements might not be a surprise. Rockstar spends many years developing new titles-the original Red Dead Redemption and its sequel released nearly a decade apart-and the company still hasn’t finished with Red Dead Online. Both Microsoft and Sony have hinted at their next consoles possibly being announced by 2020 and released soon after, so Rockstar pushing out another game before the end of the Xbox One and PS4’s lifecycles seems unlikely. It makes sense for the company to be looking ahead to whatever is next.

Rockstar’s last game, Red Dead Redemption 2, is our Game of the Year for 2018. When describing the title, our senior reviews editor Kallie Plagge wrote, «It’s hard to shake the kind of connection you develop with Red Dead Redemption 2’s world and characters. It’s a game that can try your patience, for sure, but it simply wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t. It’s an unforgettable experience that challenges your expectations as often as it meets or exceeds them, and there’s no question that it’s our Game of the Year.»

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