Here’s What Destiny 2’s Next Year Of Content Will Bring

Since the release of Destiny 2’s Forsaken DLC in September, Bungie has done a better job than in the past of addressing complaints about content droughts. The weekly reset has routinely brought new content over the past few months, and it appears that the start of the new season and launch of the Black Armory DLC will see that continue in the coming weeks and beyond.

Alongside the newly released vidoc (watch it above) and a new update, Bungie has detailed much of the new content that’s on the way. The Black Armory is the first piece of the Annual Pass, a set of paid expansions and content that will launch between now and August 2019. Season 5-Season of the Forge-officially begins today, November 27, with a bunch of new Exotics and items available now. The Black Armory itself launches on December 4, but that will be followed by a gradual rollout of more events and other happenings.

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As part of Bungie’s attempt to be more transparent about what to expect, it’s released both a short-term and long-term calendar of new content. For Annual Pass owners, new Forges (part of the Black Armory DLC) will unlock throughout December, while the new Raid-Scourge of the Past-launches on December 7. A new Exotic quest called The Draw will be available starting on January 29; it’s one of several new Exotics you can collect.

In terms of what all Destiny 2 players can access, The Dawning, the annual Christmas/holiday-themed event, begins on December 11. That’s followed by another event, the Valentine’s Day-themed Crimson Days, on February 5.

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The long-term calendar highlights some other notable additions to come through August-and there’s a ton to take in. This includes a «new Gambit experience,» additional max Power level increases, Xur bounties, a new six-player matchmade activity, another new Raid, and more. While the schedule could still change, it seems clear that Destiny 2 players will have a lot to keep them busy in the year to come.

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