Fortnite Durr Burger Onesie Lets You Finally Wear Fortnite To Bed

Epic Games has opened a new Fortnite merch store, offering a host of different apparel so you can outfit yourself like one of 100 people dropped onto an island to fight to the death. The highlight of the Retail Row collection is a Durr Burger Onesie modeled after the outfit available in the game. It can be yours for just $70 and will start shipping in late January.

If a onesie is too rich or ridiculous for you, you have other options. A Skull Trooper pullover hoodie goes for $60, and a variety of t-shirts are available for $25 apiece. Those include shirts with character prints of the Durr Burger logo, Green Bush, DJ Yonder, Drift, and Skull Trooper. Plus if you just want to sport the Fortnite game logo, you can do that too in a variety of different colors.

It’s a pretty limited storefront for now, but you can sign up for updates and get discounted offers through the newsletter.

In the game proper, Epic just kicked off the 14 Days of Fortnite event, which offers seasonal items, rotating limited time modes, and special challenges. You can also grab some freebies on the PlayStation 4 version for a limited time. It’s also terribly clever, because 14 days is of course «a fortnight.» Ho ho, we see what you did there Epic.

Meanwhile, Epic is fending off multiple lawsuits involving the true star of Fortnite: dances.

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