Check Out These Weird Products From CES 2019

CES is the annual showcase of the latest high-tech wizardry and consumer products that are coming to revolutionize your life. But it’s also a showcase of some truly bizarre gadgets ranging from the hyper-specific to the just plain strange.

GameSpot sister site CNET has rounded up these oddities with some truly remarkable finds. Maybe you could use the Orii, a bone conduction ring that broadcasts sounds through your finger and into your ear. Or you could get some exercise with a Verde treadmill, which generates power for your home to trim down your energy bills. Or you can heat your food with the GoSun solar cooker, a sunlight-powered oven.

Some seem a bit impractical or unnecessary. The Monit smart diaper sensor can tell you if your baby’s diaper is dirty, which isn’t that handy considering if it is, you’d have to take it off and change it anyway. And it’s difficult to envision a proper use for the Hyundai Elevate, a concept car with legs that can climb over barriers up to five feet, outside of an Inspector Gadget cartoon. You can see those strange ideas, along with several more, at the CNET gallery, or check out the full scope of CNET CES coverage for much more tech news.

CES also has a lot to do with video games, of course, from new processors and TVs to VR headsets and more. Check out our full GameSpot coverage of CES 2019.

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