The Order, God Of War PSP Dev Hiring For New AAA Franchise

Ready at Dawn, the studio behind The Order: 1886 and the God of War PSP games, is staffing up in preparation for development on a new triple-A game. According to the announcement released on its Twitter, it’s seeking a wide variety of positions across design, engineering, and programming.

The RAD careers page lists two separate projects these positions could be working on: continuing to support Lone Echo for its ongoing partnership with Oculus Rift, and «a new AAA third-person action console title, based on a brand new original IP.»

The replies from fans to its tweet are largely hoping for a sequel to The Order, but the mention of an entirely new IP makes that unlikely. The Order: 1886 took place in a steampunk Victorian London and centered around the legendary Knights of the Round Table. While it got some credit for its world-building, reviews were mixed on GameSpot sister site Metacritic.
«It is, at best, perfectly playable, and lovely to look at and listen to,» critic Kevin VanOrd said in GameSpot’s review. «But it is also the face of mediocrity and missed opportunities. A bad game can make a case for itself. A boring one is harder to forgive.»

Lone Echo, by comparison, was much better received. The virtual reality project was an Oculus exclusive, but it received generally positive reviews on Metacritic as a VR showpiece.

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