CES 2019: All The HTC Vive Announcements

CES 2019 is underway, giving us a glimpse at some of the new tech products that are on the way in the coming year and beyond. HTC was the latest company to host its CES press conference, and it made a number of big announcements during the event, from revealing a new Viveport subscription model that offers unlimited access to VR games to unveiling its next VR headset, the Vive Cosmos.

If you weren’t able to follow along with the press conference, we’ve rounded up all of the major news from HTC’s CES 2019 event below so you can catch up on the company’s biggest announcements.

Vive Pro Eye

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HTC kicked off its press conference by announcing the Vive Pro Eye. Described as «an evolution in the enterprise VR space,» the headset is geared more toward business than gaming and integrates eye tracking natively to give users «greater accessibility, gaze-oriented menu navigation.» No release date or pricing details have been announced. Full story

Viveport Infinity

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HTC announced it is launching a new model of its Viveport subscription streaming service, dubbed Infinity. As its name suggests, the service will offer subscribers unlimited access to the Viveport catalog for a monthly fee. Infinity is scheduled to launch on Vive Day, April 5, although no pricing details have been announced yet. Full story

Vive Reality System

Viveport Infinity wasn’t the only VR service HTC announced during its press conference. The company also revealed the Vive Reality System, a «reimagining of Vive core software» reminiscent of the PlayStation Home social space. Users will be able to to connect with each other and watch videos, play games, and do «other creative experiences» together. No launch details were announced. Full story

Vive Cosmos

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HTC capped off its CES 2019 press conference by unveiling the Vive Cosmos, the company’s next VR headset. While very few concrete details were announced, it appears the goal of Cosmos is to address some of the flaws most VR headsets have faced. HTC also says the Cosmos will provide «absolute comfort» and be «easy set up.» As with its other announcements, no release date or price point were shared, although the headset’s reveal trailer teases it’s «coming soon.» Full story

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