Fortnite Week 10 Secret Banner Location Guide

After more than two months, Season 6 of Fortnite is coming to a close. Epic has rolled out the game’s final set of Season 6 challenges on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, giving you one last chance to level your Battle Pass up and unlock any remaining rewards. As always, there’s an extra incentive to complete these challenges; if you manage to clear all the ones from a given week, you’ll in turn complete one of Season 6’s Hunting Party challenges.

Each Hunting Party challenge you clear will reward you with a special loading screen. Not only do these screens feature a cool piece of artwork showcasing some of the game’s newest skins, they also contain a very subtle hint that points you to a free item hidden somewhere around the island. Depending on how many Hunting Party challenges you complete, this item will either be a Battle Star-good for leveling your Battle Pass up by one tier-or a special Banner that can be used as a profile icon.

If you clear all 10 weekly sets of challenges in Season 6, you’ll unlock the loading screen pictured below. It showcases DJ Yonder-one of the new skins introduced at the start of the season-deejaying a giant party attended by other new and popular skins. Look closely at the speakers just to the left of Yonder, however, and you’ll notice a set of coordinates that read G8, G9, H8, H9. This is the clue to where you can find the final free Banner.

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The aforementioned coordinates lead you to into the desert, near the area where the mysterious purple cube that played such a prominent role in Season 6 first appeared. At the start of a match, glide to where the coordinates intersect and the free Banner will pop up. Collect it as you would any other item and you’ll be able to use it as your profile icon after finishing the match, whether by getting eliminated or securing a Victory Royale.

However, just as with previous free Banners, the usual caveats apply. The item won’t appear on the island unless you’ve completed all of the necessary challenges and unlocked the aforementioned loading screen. This means you won’t simply be able to head to the right area and collect it without first clearing all 10 weekly sets of challenges.

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Season 6 of Fortnite is scheduled to end on December 6, which means Season 7 will follow not too far behind. You have until then to complete this season’s challenges and unlock any remaining Battle Pass rewards. If you need some assistance, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips in our complete Season 6 challenge guide. You can also find our guides for all Season 6’s other free Battle Stars and Banners below.

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