Two More Xbox Variations Rumored For The Next Generation

If rumors are to be believed, Microsoft will be hitting the next generation of consoles hard and heavy – offering not only the previously discussed codename: Scarlett, but also a cheaper «S»-style console, and another «X»-style console designed to replace the Xbox One X.  According to Windows Central, the two are named «Lockhart» and «Anaconda» respectively.

Lockhart is rumored to be equal to the current Xbox One X hardware wise – meaning that even though who buy the cheaper consoles will still have a pretty solid machine. And, of course, the Anaconda will be cutting-edge, offering an experience to meet the heftier price.

Reportedly, Microsoft is also looking to reduce loading times – possibly with an SSD.

Speaking of drives. Windows Central is also reporting a diskless Xbox One that will go on sale sometime next year. The general belief is that aside from offering gamers a less expensive option of the current console, it will also be used to determine if they can do something similar in the next generation.

For those who already have disks, Microsoft is apparently launching a «disk-to-digital» program so that players can convert their library easily.

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