Fortnite Tournament Coming To Australian Open This Month

Fortnite is serving up a new tournament at the Australian Open later this month in Melbourne. The high-profile tennis tournament announced today that it will hold a $500,000 tournament during the Australian Open finals weekend January 26-27.

It’s being called the Fortnite Summer Smash, and it’ll feature a professional solos tournament, as well as a proam duos event featuring 100 «personalities» from the entertainment, gaming, and sports worlds. $400,000 is up for grab in tournament prizes, while $100,000 is being provided for charitable donations.

Australian Open director Craig Tiley said in a statement that Fortnite is a «global phenomenon,» so he’s excited to have the game at the tournament to help the event «reach more people.» Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein added, «We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the fun of a competitive Fortnite event to fans and players in Australia.»

You can register for the Fortnite solos tournament through this website starting at 12 PM AEDT on January 9. At the actual competition, players will go through qualifying rounds, earning points based on how they finish. For example, a victory royale gets you 3 points, while 2nd through 3rd gets 2 points, and so on. You don’t necessarily need to win or finish close to the top to earn a lot of points, as 3-4 eliminations gets you 1 point, 5-6 eliminations earns you 2 points, and 7 or more eliminations gets you 3 points.

The first-place prize is $100,000 AUD, with $50,000 AUD going to second and third place. 4th through 6th place gets $25,000 AUD, while 7th through 10th gets $5,000 AUD. 11th through 15th gets $3,000 AUD, while the 16th through 20th place finishers gets $2,000 AUD each. Those who finish 21st through 100th get $1,000 AUD each. The $100,000 AUD in winnings from the Duos tournament will go to charity.

You can visit the Fortnite Summer Smash website to get all the important details on the tournament. In other news, Epic Games is opening an office for Australia and New Zealand.

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