CES 2019: HTC’s Vive Cosmos Is Portable, But We Don’t Know Much Else About It

During its CES 2019 press conference focused on virtual reality, HTC made a series of announcements revealing what’s next for the company. It capped off the event with the reveal of the Vive Cosmos, its next VR headset.

You can get a quick look at the headset in the video below; the goal of Cosmos appears to be addressing some of the flaws that most VR headsets have faced to this point. HTC claims it provides «absolute comfort» and «easy set up.» Additionally, it offers the Vive experience without the use of any external tracking devices. Cosmos is usable both at home or on the go, according to HTC.

Unfortunately, little else was shared about Cosmos, including a release date or price point. The video does say it’s «coming soon,» and we know Vive Day, April 5, will mark the release of another of HTC’s announcements from today, Viveport Infinity. Whether Cosmos is coming quite that soon or not remains to be seen.

Without getting into specifics-really, nothing at all was shared about the device-HTC teased that there are hidden aspects to Cosmos not apparent from the announcement. «There’s so much more to Vive Cosmos,» HTC said in a tweet, «and we’ll be sharing more details soon on this exciting new VR kit.»

In another development at CES, HTC announced the Vive Pro Eye, an enterprise-focused headset that offers eye-tracking, negating the need for the use of handheld controllers. That, too, is currently without a release date or exact price.

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