Persona 5’s Joker Will Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate As DLC Character

In an exciting, unexpected moment at The Game Awards, the first of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s DLC characters was revealed. Joker, the protagonist of Atlus’ Persona 5, will be playable in the new fighting game in the future.

During a segment where Geoff Keighley was on stage, the lights cut out and led to a trailer featuring dialogue with various characters from Persona 5. That in turn revealed Joker as a playable character, although we unfortunately didn’t see any actual gameplay or learn anything about how he’ll play.

Joker will be the first DLC character released for the game (outside of Piranha Plant) and will come included in Challenge Pack 1. Each DLC pack will be solid individually and includes a character, stage, and music. Alternatively, you can buy the Fighters Pass to get them all.

Reggie Fils-Aime came on-stage after the reveal to talk a little about the new, and he teased that all five DLC characters to come between now and February 2020 will be newcomers to the series. He also noted they will be ones «who you wouldn’t anticipate» being included in Smash.

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