LG Will Offer A Roll-Up TV Later This Year

You’ll soon be able to buy a TV that can disappear from your living room, thanks to a new OLED TV LG is showing off at CES 2019. The rollable TV is based on a prototype the company showed off last year, and which can roll down into an unobtrusive piece of furniture when it’s not being used.

As GameSpot sister site CNET reported, LG intends to make the new TV, which right now is called the Signature OLED TV R, available in the second half of 2019. When off, it rolls up into what looks like a small table, and cloth covers a Dolby Atmos sound system as part of the machine. When you turn the TV on, a sliding door on top moves out of the way to allow the screen to roll up.

The Signature’s moving screen also supports at least one screen configuration beyond just «on» and «off.» You can also set it to «line» mode, which raises part of the screen to display a home screen with information like weather and a clock, or to a 21:9 ratio mode to display ultra-widescreen movies without the letterbox bars. It can also just play music with no screen present.

LG says the only version of the rolling set available this year will be a 65-inch version. It hasn’t said what it’ll cost-but it seems likely the Signature OLED TV R will be pretty expensive. Still, the set sounds like it impressed the folks at CNET, and could be the first step toward what your future living room could look like.

There has been a lot of interesting stuff showed off at CES 2019 in Las Vegas this week, including huge new TVs from Samsung and LG, and a bunch of new virtual reality goodies from HTC. For all our CES coverage throughout the show, check out our CES hub page.

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