Far Cry New Dawn Release Date, Price, Bonuses

Here’s some good news for fans of open-world shooters: a new Far Cry game is in the works. And while the setting might not be a surprise to anyone who finished Far Cry 5, the release date and price might be unexpected. Far Cry New Dawn is a post-apocalyptic shooter that’s set to launch February 15 for $40.

The canonical ending of Far Cry 5 saw nukes dropping from the sky, wiping out nearly all life in Hope County, Montana. New Dawn jumps forward 17 years, when human and animal life has returned. That said, this is still a Far Cry game, so you know any peace and tranquility will be short-lived.

New Dawn takes place in a colorful post-apocalyptic version of Far Cry 5’s map and puts you up against a pair of power-hungry twins. You’ll find a lot more details in our Far Cry New Dawn preview, and you’ll also be pleased to know that New Dawn fixes Far Cry 5’s greatest flaw.

If you’re ready to lock in New Dawn your pre-order, you’ll probably want to know what comes in the various editions, where you can buy it, and how much each version costs. Read on for the goods.

Far Cry New Dawn Pre-Order Bonus

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Pre-order either version of Far Cry New Dawn, and you’ll get the colorful (and deadly) Unicorn Trike vehicle.

Far Cry: New Dawn Standard Edition

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This version simply comes with the game itself and the pre-order bonus.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Far Cry: New Dawn Digital Deluxe Edition

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The digital deluxe edition of Far Cry: New Dawn comes with additional sets of in-game items, including the Knight Pack (SVD Claymore and Sidecar Motorbike), Hurk Legacy Pack (Wrath M249, Legacy Offroader, and Hurkling Outfits), M133M Shotgun, and RAT4 Rocket Launcher.

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