Yoshi’s Crafted World Release Date And Pre-Order Guide For Nintendo Switch (US)

The most famous dinosaur in the Mushroom Kingdom is gearing up to star in a new game on Nintendo Switch. It’s Yoshi’s Crafted World, a colorful platformer that’s set to release on March 29. But you don’t have to wait that long to lock down your copy. You can already pre-order Yoshi’s Crafted World from a number of retailers. Here’s what to expect from the game and where you can find it.

Yoshi’s Crafted World kicks off when Kamek and Baby Bowser try to steal a powerful gem-infused stone. Unfortunately for them, the gems become scattered across the land, leaving Yoshi to collect them. Thus begins your adventure through a world made from craft items like cardboard, paper cups, and construction paper.

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Each level is strewn with collectibles like coins and Poochy Pups, and can be flipped around and played through backwards once you reach the end. As you play, you’ll collect costumes you can dress Yoshi in to add a layer of protection. A second player can join in for couch co-op using a second Joy-Con, and the game has a Mellow mode that makes it easier to play for young kids and newcomers.

No Pre-Order Bonus or Special Editions

So far, no retailers have announced any pre-order bonuses for Yoshi’s Crafted World. And unlike many games these days, no special editions seem to be planned, either. That might be a bummer for collectors, but at least it makes it easy to choose which version to buy.

At the time of this writing, Amazon has the best pre-order price for Yoshi’s Crafted World, but you can also find it at several other retailers.

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