Xbox Year In Review Website Shows Your Most-Played Games, Hours Spent, And Other Cool Stats

Like PlayStation, Spotify, and others before it, Microsoft has released a neat little «Year In Review» website that reveals your most-played games and other cool stats from 2018.

Go to this website and sign in with your Microsoft account to get started. The page displays a number of stats, beginning with how you stack up with the wider Xbox community when it comes to your gamerscore, number of hours played, and achievements earned.

The page also gives you a 2018 «mood.» Mine was «Fighting for something greater than yourself in shooter games» because I played a lot of shooters this year on Xbox One. Additionally, it shows off your most-played games and asks questions about what felt like a bigger accomplishment: earning specific achievements or total number of hours played.

The Year in Review site also displays how many new friends you made on Xbox Live during the year, how much gamerscore you earned, how many hours you played across all games (presumably this excludes media app usage time), and how many hours you spent in multiplayer games versus single-player titles.

Additionally, the page reveals that Xbox Live players collectively earned more than 3 billion achievements during the year. The Year in Review page gives you little trinkets to collect in the process, and at the end they come together to form a holiday snowglobe with all of them. Onc you’re done, you can download your results or share them on social media.

There appear to be a few oddities with the website, specifically as it relates to the number of hours played in some games, but the page should give you a generally good idea about what titles you played the most in 2018.

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