Control’s New Trailer Takes You Into The Oldest House, Its Supernaturally Spooky Setting

Remedy Entertainment’s next game, Control, has no shortage of science fiction weirdness and supernatural creepiness. A lot of that revolves around the Oldest House, a strange building where alternate dimensions and realities converge. It’s where a government agency called the Bureau of Control, tasked with understanding and managing all the weirdness, sets up its headquarters.

The latest trailer for Control endeavors to fill players in a little bit more about the Oldest House and what exactly the Bureau of Control is all about. It’s narrated by James McCaffrey, who Remedy fans will recognize as the voice of Max Payne from the first two games in that franchise. In the trailer, McCaffrey plays Zachariah Trench, the director of the Bureau of Control. We know that Trench dies before he’s replaced by Jesse Faden, Control’s player character, but it seems Trench will be a presence throughout the story.

As Trench explains, the Oldest House was discovered in the 1960s by Control agents, and while on the outside it looked like a normal skyscraper, on the inside, it was anything but. The trailer fills in a bit of story as relates to what might be supernatural events in our world, suggesting that things like haunted houses are actually places where other dimensions seep into our own. The Oldest House has rooms and rooms of such places.

The trailer also gives glimpses of the Hiss-the supernatural force that invades the Oldest House and can possess Bureau agents-and drips with oppressive atmosphere and horror leanings. At E3 2018, Remedy boss Sam Lake discussed how Control invokes the dark sci-fi genre known as the new weird, which encompasses stories like Annihilation, and this trailer definitely gets that across. Now we have to wait for Control’s release sometime in 2019 to find out just how weird the Oldest House can get.

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