Elgato Announces New Products For Streamers At CES 2019

Game streaming accessory maker Elgato debuted two more products aimed at streamers at CES. The first is a piece of software that makes it easier to stream mobile games, while the other is an accessory to increase the production value for streaming personalities.

The Elgato Screen Link is PC/Mac software that makes your iPhone or iPad appear as an input source for streaming apps like OBS Studio, Streamlabs, XSplit, and Game Capture. You can sample it for free now through the official site, with a limitation of 15-minute streams and a max bitrate of 16 Mbps. A Pro version, said to be coming soon, will unlock unlimited streams and a 32 Mbps bitrate for $10.

The Key Light is a simple solution for streamer lighting, so that viewers can see your face nice and clearly. It’s designed to attach to desks for streamers, and the interface lets you adjust the intensity and warmth of the light from your desktop. It’s releasing on January 14 for $200.

Of course, much of the technology at CES has been targeted towards people who simply play games. Those have included new announcements like Viveport Infinity, an all-you-can-eat VR game service, new TVs from Samsung, and gaming laptops. You can check out all that and much more at all of our at CES 2019 coverage, and even more at GameSpot sister site CNET.

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