Red Dead 2 Online Now Live For All Players On PS4 And Xbox One

Following a gradual rollout over the course of the week, Red Dead Redemption 2’s online multiplayer mode, Red Dead Online, is now available to all PS4 and Xbox One players. It had previously been restricted to just those with a premium version of the game or who had played shortly after launch.

While Red Dead Online is now freely accessible for all owners of Red Dead 2, Rockstar maintains that this is still a beta. Before launch, it warned of potential issues that players might encounter, and sure enough, there have been a variety of problems (of the serious and not-so-serious variety) that have popped up this week, including frequent disconnects for some.

Red Dead Online is, as the name suggests, an online game, though you’re free to engage with it on your own. It features new story missions set before the events of the single-player campaign that can be played solo or with others. It also features a variety of co-op and PvP modes, including Red Dead’s own battle royale mode.

Rockstar says to expect «lots more updates to the Red Dead Online beta in the coming weeks and months.» It hasn’t shared much about what to expect in terms of future updates to the game, though Grand Theft Auto V’s extensive array of free GTA Online expansions suggests there’s plenty in store.

One thing we do know that’s coming is the ability to buy gold, a rare in-game currency, with real-world money. Gold can be earned by playing, and it’s used to buy certain weapons and other items, as well as a shortcut to lower your Honor level.

If you pre-ordered the game or bought a special edition, here’s how to access your bonus content.

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