Nintendo Finally Does Away With Creators Program

Things just got a whole lot easier for content creators looking to create projects based around Nintendo properties. Today, the gaming giant announced the end of its Creators Program.

The program launched three years ago and has been a source of frustration with creators who were forced to submit their work to Nintendo in order to avoid losing all their revenue to copyright claims by the company. Instead, creators could elect to submit their videos or entire channel to the program in order to receive a percentage of the profit.

During its run, the program was subject to a variety of complaints ranging from the percentage of revenue received to restrictions on livestreaming. Some even saw early on that the program was doomed to fail.

As of today, these restrictions are lifted – so long as creators follow guidelines put forth by Nintendo.

Effectively, content creators are allowed to stream and create videos and images, so long as the content contains their own creative input. Creators who upload raw gameplay or unedited images will still be subject to copyright claims.

Nintendo’s new guidelines can be found on the company site.

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