Red Dead Online Players Getting More Free Gold Bars

Rockstar has launched its online store for Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode in Red Dead Redemption 2. Now that you can purchase gold bars, the studio is thanking anyone who has toyed with the online mode early by gifting them some free gold bars. A separate reward awaits players who pre-ordered or bought the Special and Ultimate Editions.

Anyone who has played the Red Dead Online beta through Thursday, December 20 will get 15 gold bars, or a little more than $5 worth of in-game currency. Those gifts will be rolling out as early as today for some users, and all of them will be delivered by Monday, December 24.

In addition, players who pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption 2, and who bought the Special or Ultimate Editions, will get some extra RDO$ deposited into their accounts. Special Edition owners will get $100, while Ultimate Edition owners will get $1,000. Any pre-orders will get $100, and for Special and Ultimate Editions that stacks on top of their other rewards.

Rockstar previously gifted 15 gold bars as a make-good for some bugs and balance issues with the initial launch experience. Between the two, you could have racked up 30 gold bars. That initial apology came paired with a patch to rebalance the game, which is still in a beta period. Rockstar set expectations by launching in beta a month after the single-player game launched, which was altogether similar to how it treated the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online. That game also had some rough patches near the beginning but has been an ongoing success in the years since.

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