Google Teases A Big Reveal During GDC In March

The Game Developers Conference next month will host a keynote talk from the search giant Google, the company announced today. The invite says to «gather around» and promises «all will be revealed» at the keynote, which together suggests the company plans to make some form of announcement.

Just what this project could be remains a mystery for the time being. We know that Google partnered with Ubisoft last year to test Project Stream. The test allowed interested players to stream Assassin’s Creed Odyssey straight through their Google Chrome browser.

Recently rumors have circulated regarding Google’s so-called «Project Yeti,» which is said to be its own take on the home console. It would focus on streaming, and may even have its own exclusive games, but the price and details are unknown. Google’s own open Project Stream test confirms it has been looking into streaming gaming in some capacity, but the rest of the rumors regarding Yeti are unconfirmed.

If Google is planning to jump into video games with some form of streaming box, it likely won’t be alone. Microsoft has already announced its own streaming plans, called Project xCloud, and will be debuting it sometime this year. That announcement boasted that it would run on any kind of device including mobile, which Google’s initial Project Stream test could not. We’ve also heard reports of other competitors exploring the idea, including Verizon.

Whatever Google will be revealing, it will be detailed at its keynote. It will take place in the Moscone Center on March 19 at 10 AM PT. The Game Developers Conference kicks off March 18.

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