New Power Rangers Fighting Game Trailer Confirms Mighty Morphin’ Green Is Still The Best

A new Power Rangers fighting game, titled Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, has been announced. Despite featuring characters from the mobile game, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Battle for the Grid is a brand-new title that’s been designed with consoles in mind.

According to a tweet from the official Battle for the Grid Twitter account, the game will «feature a completely brand new battle mechanic» in comparison to Legacy Wars, as well as «different movesets» for each fighter. Hasbro creative director Jason Bischoff tweeted that Battle for the Grid would include both a story mode and online PvP, DLC content, and both cross-play and cross-progression across systems. He added that, unlike Legacy Wars, Battle for the Grid would not be free-to-play.

An announcement trailer for Battle for the Grid teases what combat in the new game looks like. On Battle for the Grid’s official website, combat is described as being «easy to learn but hard to master» with the challenge coming from knowing «when to strike, not how.»

Battle for the Grid features heroes and villains from throughout the Power Ranger franchise’s years of TV shows, movies, and comics. The announcement trailer sees Mighty Morphin’ Green Ranger v2, who’s still the best version of Tommy Oliver, taking on both Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger and Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger. Battle for the Grid’s website also confirms Lord Drakkon-an alternate universe version of Mighty Morphin’ Tommy Oliver who went on to become an evil Green/White Ranger hybrid that desires to destroy every Ranger across the multiverse-will be in the game as well. According to the game’s website, there are 11 more characters scheduled for the game, but their identities have not been revealed.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is scheduled to release for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC in April 2019. If you pre-order the game, you’ll receive the Mighty Morphin’ Green Ranger v2 character skin.

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