Red Dead 2 Online: Free Gold Bars This Weekend Along With New Tweaks

Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode is getting some significant improvements today, alongside freebies for those who log in and play this weekend. Red Dead Online is getting tweaks to its matchmaking in the battle royale mode Gun Rush.

According to the announcement from Rockstar, it’s rolling out some minor improvements to Gun Rush matchmaking immediately, with long-term plans in the works as well. For now, the tweaks are aimed at generating fuller lobbies, and the studio promises more ambitious title updates to further address the slim lobbies issue in the future. It has also opened a dedicated Feedback section to Gun Rush suggestions.

To encourage players to give Gun Rush another go, Rockstar will be giving five Gold Bars to anyone who logs on this weekend, January 25-27. The reward will be delivered by Tuesday, January 29.

In the long-term, Rockstar reiterated that it’s working on implementing changes that it recently detailed. Those include loads of quality-of-life improvements like Parley changes, Law and Bounty improvements to reduce griefing, and Daily Challenges with gold nugget rewards. Those are said to be arriving in a title update in the coming months.

Recently Red Dead Redemption 2 has made headlines for being the target of a lawsuit from the real-life Pinkerton Detective Agency. The agency says that using their actual name could confuse players into thinking the company was involved in development, and asks for a lump sum or royalty fee. Rockstar has responded that as an agency with historical relevance, it cannot use its trademark in this way.

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