The Division 2 Private Beta Starts Next Month

Ubisoft has announced a private beta for The Division 2, which will give players their first look at the new setting. The private beta will kick off on February 7 and run through February 10. It will be open to everyone who pre-ordered the game and then registered through the official site, where you can also pick your beta platform of choice.

More details on the beta are said to be coming soon, but we can glean some details from what we already know. The Division 2 continues the story of a society-disrupting pandemic, but moves from the first game’s setting in New York City to the US capital, Washington DC. The sequel will bring back the realistic loot-driven RPG elements from the first game, with more focus on player choice to impact the world.

The first game established that a pandemic was spread by infected dollar bills distributed during Black Friday shopping, at which point the Division was dispatched to restore order and contain the outbreak. They apparently failed, however, and now Washington DC is a hollowed-out husk, so the secret government agency is being put back into the field.

The Division 2 on PC will be using the newly launched Epic Games Store for distribution rather than Steam, and Ubisoft recently revealed its system requirements. It’s coming on March 15 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out our pre-order guide for more details.

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