Valve Is Removing Steam’s Video Section; Retiring Non-Gaming Content

Valve has announced it’s retiring the Video section from the Steam store. You’ll keep any videos you’ve already purchased from Steam, though, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything you’ve bought.

«In reviewing what Steam users actually watch, it became clear we should focus our effort on offering content that is either directly related to gaming or, is accessory content for games or software sold on Steam,» Valve wrote in a blog post. «As part of this refocus, we have retired the Video section of the Steam Store menu with an expectation that video content is discovered via the associated game or software store page, or through search, user tags, recommendations, etc.»

As part of the company’s renewed focus on gaming, in the next few weeks, Valve will be retiring «a number of non-gaming videos» which «will no longer be available for purchase.» As stated above, you’ll still have access to these videos provided you’ve bought them already. Otherwise, they’ll be gone from the Steam Store for good.

Steam’s domination of the PC gaming marketplace has been challenged by the arrival of the Epic Games Store. Epic-creator of the popular battle royale game Fortnite-has managed to carve out a chunk of the PC gaming landscape by offering developers a larger cut of their profits in comparison to Steam. Already, Epic has managed to secure the exclusive distribution for the PC versions of several indie games, like Ashen and Journey, as well as some notable triple-A titles, such as Metro Exodus and The Division 2. Exodus, specifically, caused quite a bit of controversy, as its movement from Steam to Epic angered both Valve and fans of the Metro franchise.

Metro Exodus launched to several positive reviews, including ours-Michael Higham gave it an 8/10. If you prefer consoles, the game is also available on Xbox One and PS4.

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