Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Detailed at Nintendo Direct

Among the games coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer is a new take on the genre of side-scrolling gothic horror RPGs in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. A teaser was revealed for the game during today’s Nintendo Direct stream.

This new game, from ArtPlay and 505 Games, is set in 19th century England. In the title, players take on the role of a cursed orphan, named Miriam, as she fights her way through a demon-infested castle in order to save herself and humanity.

Thanks to her curse, Miriam boasts some unique abilities. Not only is she able to steal the abilities of the creatures she’s fighting, but she can also bend gravity to her will, adding an extra layer of depth to the side-scrolling mechanics. In addition, she can zip around portions of the castle in a beam of light.

This is the first real news we’ve had on the game since the Nintendo Switch version was delayed back in August. When 505 Games global brand manager Roberto Piraino announced the delay, he apologized, stating that players could «trust that this really is in the best interest of the game.» He continued:

We assure you we’re using the extra time to make Bloodstained even better, based on players’ input.

The finished version of the game consists not only of the primary story, but there are side quests that help flesh out the main narrative. It also allows for character customization, which NPCs will comment on.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night began life as a Kickstarter project from Castelvania Series Producer Koji Igarashi. During its fundraising period, it brought in $5.5M from nearly 65,000 backers.

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