The Mysterious Unannounced 2K Game Might Finally Get Revealed Soon

For a long time now, Take-Two has teased an upcoming game from one of 2K’s «biggest and most beloved franchises,» and it may soon be time that we find out what it is. As part of its earnings report, Take-Two reaffirmed that this unannounced game remains on track to release during the company’s fiscal year 2020. More interestingly, Take-Two said 2K will have «more to share» on the game in the coming months.

During the call, an analyst asked about the game, and CEO Strauss Zelnick said the company expects the game to «stay on track» following its previous delay. He added that the company has «very high expectations» for the game, whatever it may be.

This unannounced game was previously scheduled to launch during fiscal year 2019, which runs April 2018 through March 2019. However, it was later delayed to fiscal year 2020, which covers April 2019 through March 2020, so that’s when you can expect this new sequel from 2K.

Take-Two CFO Lainie Goldstein said the company has modelled some marketing spend for the new game during the current fiscal year, so that suggests the title may be announced before April 2019.

Speculation has suggested that the game may be Borderlands 3, or whatever the next title in the series ends up being called. Regardless, a new Borderlands is known to be in development. Another possibility is the new BioShock game that is reportedly in development. Back in April 2018, Kotaku reported that a top-secret new BioShock game was in the works at a studio in Novato, California.

It’s also possible that the delayed game is something else entirely, though it is expected to be a sequel given that Take-Two said it is an instalment in one of its «biggest franchises.»

In other Take-Two news, the company recently opened a new 2K studio in Silicon Valley that’s headed up by Michael Condrey, who worked on Dead Space and multiple Call of Duty games.

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