Mario Tennis Aces Might Be Adding More DLC Characters

Mario Tennis Aces launched for Nintendo Switch last year, and it’s steadily added new DLC characters over time. Now, data-miners have discovered references to a pair of new characters that could come to the whimsical tennis game some point in the future.

Link, the hero of the Legend of Zelda franchise, might become a playable character in the future, the data-mine suggests. Also discovered were Dark Link and Champion’s Tunic outfits that would presumably be able to be unlocked. It’s also been reported that Baby Mario might be coming to Mario Tennis Aces, based on data apparently found in the game.

However, as the MarioTennisClub Twitter fan account reminds everyone, data mined from the game’s files might not necessarily be representative of what’s actually coming to the game in the future. Sometimes content found in game files, especially for developer Camelot, is never released publicly.

If Nintendo is set to announce new content for Mario Tennis Aces, January might be a fitting time. After all, one of the biggest tennis tournaments of the year, the Australian Open, is taking place right now in Melbourne, so Nintendo may see that as an opportunity to piggyback on the elevated interest in tennis worldwide.

A number of DLC characters have already been released for Mario Tennis Aces, including Birdo, Shy Guy, Koopa Paratroopa, and Petey Piranha.

Mario Tennis Aces released in June 2018 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. In our review, author Justin Clark stated, «Off-beat stages and creative use of characters from the Marioverse ensure that you’ll never lose sight of simply having fun, but don’t let the adorable exterior trick you; Aces takes its unorthodox tennis very seriously.»

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