New The Division 2 PvP Details Announced, Including How The Dark Zones Work

Ubisoft has announced how PvP play will look in The Division 2. There will be two forms of PvP multiplayer in the game-the first of which takes place in the game’s Dark Zones.

Similar to its predecessor’s Dark Zone, The Division 2’s three Dark Zones-of which there is an east, south, and west-are PvEvP areas where you can choose to take action against other players. In a blog post, Ubisoft explained how it has changed the way players will perceive you if you perform aggressive actions against others. There are three statuses you can hold if you attack other players in one of the Dark Zones.

If you’re mostly performing aggressive, yet relatively harmless actions-such as stealing from other players or hijacking a supply drop-you’ll be labeled as a Rogue. As a Rogue, you can enter Thieves Den, which operates as a black market that randomly moves around the Dark Zones. Exiting the Den returns you to your normal state, but killing a player while Rogue will cause you to become Disavowed.

Being Disavowed paints a target on your back. Any other player that kills you earns a bounty, so you’ll have to be careful while exploring the Dark Zones. If you kill enough players, you’ll be upgraded to Manhunt status. You’ll still have to contend with bounty hunters while at Manhunt status, but you’ll be able unlock huge rewards if you can reach one of the three random SHD terminals and clear your notoriety.

The Division 2’s second form of PvP play is a more traditional, organized multiplayer called Conflict. Conflict is split into two modes, Skirmish and Domination. Skirmish is team deathmatch, while Domination is focused on capturing objectives and defending them from the other team. Ubisoft has announced three maps for both modes will launch with the game: Capital Ruins, Stadium, and Georgetown.

The Division 2 releases for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 15. The PC version of the game, previously scheduled for Steam, will now come out exclusively on the Epic Games Store. If you want to try out the game before deciding whether or not to buy it, there’s a beta scheduled for all three systems that launches next month.

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