A Celeste Piano Album Is Coming, And It Sounds (And Looks) Great

Celeste may be a super-challenging game, but the music is pleasing and serene. A new Celeste music album goes further still, transforming the tunes into lovely piano adaptations.

The Celeste Piano Collections is part of Materia Collective’s Piano Collections series, which sees performers adapt popular video game albums in piano fashion. For the Celeste album, Trevor Alan Gomes arranged and performed the new takes on Celeste’s music, which was originally written by Lena Raine. GameSpot is excited to be able to announce the album today and premiere a track, «Scattered And Lost,» which you can listen to in the video embed above.

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«Lena has a way of brilliantly hyper-saturating the music with rhythmic ideas, counterpoint, and even multiple lead lines, so taking those full-to-the-brim tracks and transforming them into equally complete piano solos was my greatest challenge to date,» Gomes said in a statement.

«My favorite track on the album, ‘Confronting Myself,’ was a puzzle to arrange for solo piano. I wanted to somehow capture the ‘glitched’ sound, so I translated that sensation to time signature and harmonic changes. ‘Exhale’ was also a joy to arrange for the super talented violinist Michaela Nachtigall, aka ‘Otama-Mama.’ Having just one track with an additional instrument feels like the strawberry on top that completes the album and gives it a lovely roundness.»

Materia Collective is also launching the Celeste Piano Collections on vinyl, and the artwork is stunning. Click through the images in the gallery above to get a closer look.

Jett Galindo (Sony/The Bakery) did the mastering, while Rozen handled the layout and design. The illustrations were created by David Rene Christensen. There are 13 tracks in all, and you can see a listing of them below.

The Celeste Piano Collections album arrives on January 25. You can buy/stream it at all the places you’d expect, including Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp. On Bandcamp, you can choose from MP3, FLACC, and other high-quality formats. You can also order the album on vinyl through Bandcamp, where you can also get the album’s sheet music.

This is not the first time Celeste’s music has been remixed for a new album. Last year, a lullaby/jazz album for the game’s music was released.

Celeste Piano Collections
  1. Prologue
  2. First Steps
  3. Resurrections
  4. Awake
  5. Scattered and Last
  6. Madeline and Theo
  7. Quiet and Falling
  8. In the Mirror
  9. Little Goth
  10. Confronting Myself
  11. Reach for the Summit
  12. My Dearest Friend
  13. Exhale

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