Fortnite Season 8 Is Approaching, So Of Course A Mysterious Orb Has Shown Up

Something strange is once again afoot in Fortnite. With only a few weeks remaining in Season 7, it appears developer Epic has already begun laying the groundwork for Season 8 of Battle Royale mode, as players have discovered a couple of mysterious new objects around the map.

Perhaps the most notable is a strange, icy sphere that can be seen floating above the castle in Polar Peak, the new snowy mountain introduced at the start of Season 7. At the moment the sphere is simply floating in the air, but its sudden, inexplicable appearance is certainly reminiscent of the infamous purple cube that materialized last summer and ultimately led up to the start of Season 6.

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The sphere isn’t the only strange object to mysteriously appear in Fortnite. Players have managed to destroy the iceberg near Happy Hamlet, revealing a bunker underneath-although it’s unclear where it leads or what purpose it serves. On top of that, players have spotted mysterious, giant eggs locked in prison cells beneath Polar Peak’s castle.

What these objects portend for the game is anyone’s guess. By this point, however, it’s become something of a tradition for strange in-game phenomenon to usher in a new season of Fortnite, so we likely won’t have to wait too long to see how these tie into the impending Season 8.

In the meantime, Epic recently rolled out Fortnite’s 7.20 update, which brought back glider redeploy and introduced a new gun: the Scoped Revolver. Players also still have a few more weeks to complete any remaining challenges before the new season arrives. You can find tips on those in our complete Season 7 challenges guide.

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