Marvel’s Spider-Man For PS4 Is Almost Half Off Its Original Price Right Now

Marvel’s Spider-Man launched as a PS4 exclusive last September for $60, but if you’ve been waiting for that price to drop, today might be your best chance to snag this Insomniac Games hit title. Earlier this month, Insomniac Games announced Spider-Man has had a permanent price drop from $60 to $40, and you can snag the game for even cheaper right now at Newegg, where the standard edition is being sold for $35 (with free shipping!) through Thursday.

The game is also a few dollars off at Amazon, selling for $37 with free two-day shipping if you’re a Prime member.

Spider-Man made GameSpot’s list of the top 10 games of 2018 for its strong narrative, exciting combat, and impressive physics of wall-crawling and web-slinging around Manhattan. «It’s exhilarating to step off a skyscraper and hear the orchestral score begin to swell, only to crescendo and level out as you start swinging towards your next objective,» wrote associate editor Jordan Ramee. «There’s never a moment in the game’s 20-hour run-time where you don’t want to be flying through the air.»

And the best part about jumping into Spider-Man this late in the game is that all three chapters of the post-launch DLC, «The City That Never Sleeps,» are available to play now as well, giving you hours of extra content to enjoy once you finish the main story. There’s no better way to step into Spider-Man’s shoes (and dozens of fantastic suits) and experience what it’s like to be everyone’s friendly neighborhood superhero.

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