Dragon Quest Builders 2 Finally Gets A Release Date In The West

Alongside the announcement of Dragon Quest XI for Switch, we also got confirmation for the western release of Dragon Quest Builders 2, which released in Japan late last year. It’s coming to the West on July 12 for both Switch and PS4.

The news was confirmed during Nintendo’s Direct presentation and subsequently on Sony and Square Enix social feeds. Though, for all the news from the Direct presentation, be sure to read our news roundup.

Much like the first game, Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes place in an alternate reality of an existing Dragon Quest game where the main antagonist defeated the heroes and left the world a barren wasteland; this one specifically focuses on Dragon Quest II. You play as a Builder rescued by a mysterious boy who’s tasked with rebuilding the world back to its former glory.

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The sequel sports an array of new features, which includes four-player online and local cooperative play, underwater exploration, an optional first-person view, a dash ability, and more. Owners of the first Dragon Quest Builders also get some nice perks, being able to unlock the ability to craft the original protagonist’s clothes and the Dragon Lord’s throne.

For a closer look at the game, watch the trailer above. Otherwise, if you’re curious about the first Dragon Quest Builders, be sure to read our full review. GameSpot gave it an 8/10, concluding that «the excellence of Dragon Quest Builders illustrates the versatility of this 30-year-old franchise as much as it speaks to the engrossing appeal of Minecraft-inspired creation. The story-advancing draw of quests goes hand-in-hand with the depth of a crafting system that cleverly uses monster drops as some of the game’s building tools. Whether you want to focus on completing assignments or build with no specific purpose, the game is feature-rich enough to suck up untold hours, even if this happens to be your first Dragon Quest experience.»

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