The Last Jedi Director Confirms He’s Still Working On New Star Wars Trilogy

A rumor popped up today that claimed Rian Johnson would no longer work on the previously announced new Star Wars trilogy. However, that’s a bunch of baloney.

Johnson himself clarified on Twitter that he’s still working on the new trilogy of Star Wars movies that will follow Episode 9 later this year. «No, it isn’t true,» he said of the rumors.

The rumour seemed to stem from the site SuperBroMovies. Responding to the origin of the rumour, Johnson said he’s shooting down the rumor «with all due respect to the movie bros, who I’m sure are lovely kind bros with good fraternal intentions.»

Discussing the new trilogy last year, Johnson said the films will feature «new characters, new places.» He said Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy responded positively to his ideas. While Johnson will oversee the story for the three films, he may not direct all of them.

Johnson directed 2017’s The Last Jedi, which was the second of three films in the new trilogy that began with 2015’s The Force Awakens and wraps up with this December’s Episode IX. The Last Jedi made more than $1.33 billion at the worldwide box office.

In addition to the new trilogy of Star Wars films, Johnson is writing and directing the mysterious movie Knives Out featuring Daniel Craig, Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, and Toni Collette.

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