Fortnite NFL Skins Coming Back For Super Bowl Weekend

In case you missed the NFL Outfits in Fortnite the last time around, Epic is bringing them back in celebration of the Super Bowl, along with a few new football-themed goodies. The special skins were only available for a limited time before, and that will likely be the case again, so grab them while you can.

According to the announcement, the sportswear will be available in the store starting on Friday, February 1 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. It also says you can find two more outfit styles, with special white uniforms for the Patriots and Rams. Plus, starting on Saturday, February 2 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET, you can visit the store to get a free Pigskin Toy.

Also to mark the occasion, you can take part in a new NFL Rumble limited-time mode. This puts you on a team of 20 in Patriots or Rams outfits, battling for the win and a trophy. Or Epic says you can just head over to Pleasant Park for a game of catch.

The last time NFL outfits were available was in November for four days. That was a short window, but this one may be even shorter. The jerseys cost 1,500 V-Bucks ($15) the last time around, and let you customize with your own number and variants like Strong Guard, End Zone, Gridiron, and Spike.

Of course, the fan base found creative and clever ways to poke fun at the NFL through the outfits, with players sporting jerseys to lambaste controversial athletes like Michael Vick and Aaron Hernandez.

This announcement comes alongside a new Fortnite patch just released today that adds a chiller grenade, a new ‘Solid Gold’ limited-time mode, and mobile controller support.

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