Pokemon Go’s Smeargle: How To Get The New Pokemon

Pokemon Go’s new AR photo mode is now live for all players level 5 and above, and it comes with an added surprise: a new Pokemon. By using the feature, players will have their first chance of encountering the elusive Gen 2 Pokemon Smeargle in Niantic’s mobile game.

According to Pokemon fansite Serebii, Smeargle may appear in photos you take using the Go Snapshot feature. If the Painter Pokemon does show up in one of your pictures, it will be waiting in the wild after you exit out of the mode, giving you an opportunity to capture it.

It’s unclear if there’s a way to ensure that Smeargle will appear in your photos, but if you do manage to encounter one, it will have the same moves as the Pokemon it photobombed. You’ll also receive a new Photo Bomb medal after you find one.

Smeargle is unique among Pokemon in the mainline series due to the fact that it can only learn one move, Sketch, every 10 levels. This move will permanently copy the last move the opponent Pokemon used, effectively giving Smeargle the ability to learn any attack.

Once you’ve hit the requisite level, you’ll be able to use the Go Snapshot feature any time by selecting the Camera in your item bag. The mode allows you to position one of the Pokemon in your collection around the screen and take photos of it. These pictures will be automatically saved to your device, allowing you to easily share them with friends and on social media.

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic has brought back the Gen 3 Legendary Pokemon Latias for a limited time as part of a special Raid event. The developer is also introducing a new item to the game this week called the Team Medallion, which will give players the ability to switch teams.

Finally, to celebrate the Pokemon series’ anniversary, Niantic is holding a special Pokemon Day event this week from February 26-28. During the event, players will have a chance of encountering special versions of Pikachu and Eevee wearing floral crowns, as well as Shiny variants of Pidgey and Rattata.

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