Metro Exodus Documentary Goes Behind the Scenes

It has been almost five years since the last entry in 4A Games’ Metro franchise, and the fast approaching release of Metro Exodus is certain to have many fans excited. While these players eagerly await the first-person shooter’s launch, a new three-part documentary series will give them the opportunity to go behind the scenes with the developers responsible for the game.

Filmed at 4A’s facilities in Malta and the Ukraine, The Making of Metro Exodus takes viewers from the foundation of the studio to its work on the upcoming title. This includes «interviews with key personnel at 4A Games, archive footage and photos, and never-seen-before materials from the five-year development of Metro Exodus

Episode One of The Making of Metro Exodus focuses on the developers responsible for the series’ humble beginnings, and it showcases the extent of 4A’s expansion since the release of Metro 2033. Furthermore, it highlights how this growth has facilitated the company’s «most ambitious project to date» in Metro Exodus.

Indeed Episode One points to some advancements in the new entry that could only be realized with an expanded team. For example, Lead Environmental Artist Dmytro «Paramon» Zenin notes the team’s desire for «huge locations,» as players are given access to a world above the tunnels they inhabited in the previous two Metro entries.

Lead Game Designer Viacheslav «Must» Aristov additionally notes that 4A’s «major goal» was to add unique and fully rendered seasons to these expansive locales. «Metro is a handcrafted experience,» Viacheslav states, and it has no doubt required a great deal of work from the many individuals involved.

That said, the members of the 4A team do not seem daunted by the task. «We are not going to stop,» Creative Director Andrew «Prof» Prokhorov suggests following remarks on how «cool» it is to have the opportunity to make games.

Episode Two of The Making of Metro Exodus will be available next week on the official Metro YouTube channel. Until then, fans can take some time to decide which edition of Metro Exodus they want to add to their collections.

To keep up-to-date on The Making of Metro Exodus, fans can subscribe on YouTube.

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