Anthem Project Coming From Ex-Halo Film Director

Anthem is coming very soon, and filmmaker Neill Blomkamp has dropped a rather blatant hint that he’s going to have something to do with it. In a tweet, Blomkamp said he’s «really excited to share» his latest project, and paired it with an #anthemgame hashtag.

In case there was any room left for doubt, the teaser shows off what appears to be a real-life Javelin-the mechanized suit of armor used by player characters. It all looks dusty and dinged, similar to the lived-in style Blomkamp has established in movies like District 9, Elysium, and Chappie. Blomkamp was also attached for a time to a Halo movie adaptation.

That said, he doesn’t mention just what this project is. Most likely it’s some form of short film, possibly a live-action trailer as we’ve seen for other triple-A releases in recent years.

BioWare and EA just wrapped up the demos for Anthem. It had some rough spots, but the studio has already outlined fixes we can expect for the final game. It was on the tip of EA’s tongue as it released financial results about its «difficult quarter,» because the company is expecting it to be a big hit. BioWare has also started to share an update roadmap and endgame details, to let players know just what they’ll be doing beyond the campaign.

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