Path Of Exile PS4 Releases In March

The continually evolving Path of Exile will finally see the release of the long-awaited PS4 edition later in March. Intended to be released following the launch of the last expansion, Betrayal, in December, the game was abruptly delayed prior to its planned launch. During a recent chat with Path of Exile’s managing director Chris Wilson, he offered an update on the PS4 edition, and why developer Grinding Gear Games chose to delay it.

As it turned out, the developers held back the PS4 release to give it some extra time. According to Wilson, the game was in solid shape, but the team felt it could be improved. Due to the lengthy process to authorize the game for release, the PS4 version will now have its launch in March-final date still pending. At its debut, the newest console release will have all present DLC available, which includes Synthesis.

«It really feels like we’re completing the cycle with platforms for Path of Exile,» said Wilson. «We wished we could have gotten on consoles earlier, but our resources were pretty limited at the time. Thankfully we were able to get them done. It’s been really useful not releasing the PS4 in December. It would have been OK to have released it then, but we do want first-impressions to be good and there were certain areas of the game we weren’t happy with. We wanted to tighten it up.»

In addition to our talk about the PS4 release, he also went into detail about what’s to come with the game’s next update Synthesis, which adds a brand-new league to the game, along with a substantial rebalance to the game’s magic and skill system. If you want a clear idea of what’s to come with the Synthesis expansion, we breakdown all the new updates and rebalancing that’s to come with the new expansion, and how things get weird once you start exploring the dreamscape and its shifting memory clusters.

For more on Path of Exile, including when exactly you can play the PS4 release, be sure to visit GameSpot in the weeks ahead.

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