Anthem Will Let You Sprint In Fort Tarsis When The Game Launches

BioWare has announced that it’s adding running to Fort Tarsis in Anthem. It’s a change that’s certainly going to be positively met by many of those who played Anthem’s VIP demo, and the update is scheduled to be live at the game’s launch.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah said that the decision to have you walk through the fort was so that you would «feel a little bit underpowered,» and understand «that strong difference» for a Freelancer outside their Javelin as opposed to in one. «We want it to feel like walking,» he continued. «If you look at most video games, you’re sprinting everywhere and we gave you a jet pack machine for when you’re out in the world, and we really want it to feel like you’re just a person walking around and now you are that person in Iron Man armor.»

BioWare general manager Casey Hudson added that «there was a run speed that was in the game. And then for some reason it was out of the game for when that particular build the VIP demo build was made.» Hudson confirmed that sprint function is back in «the main game» so you should be able to sprint in Fort Tarsis when Anthem launches. However, it doesn’t sound like the function will be available in the free February 1-3 demo.

Anthem had a doozy of a VIP demo last weekend. Initially, it seemed as if the demo’s servers were overloaded, but both EA and BioWare clarified that wasn’t the case. Regardless, players still faced dropped games and never-ending loading screens. Eventually, even Origin shut down, and then the problem extended to other EA titles on additional platforms, including consoles. Whatever the issue, it was resolved by the end of the weekend, and all VIP invitees were given the chance to try all four Javelins-as opposed to just two-on the last day of the demo. BioWare also promised a second Javelin vinyl for everyone invited to the VIP demo. It will unlock in the main game come launch.

Anthem is scheduled to launch on February 22 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. If you’re an EA or Origin Access subscriber, then you can play the game a week early on Xbox One or PC.

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