Play Anthem’s VIP Demo And Get A Cool Javelin Cosmetic To Wear In The Main Game

BioWare has finally announced the award you’ll receive if you play the VIP demo for Anthem this weekend. The reward is a stylish blue vinyl for your Javelin, which can be equipped to any of the four in-game exo-suits.

All you need to do to unlock the vinyl is play Anthem’s VIP demo. To get invited to the demo, you’ll either need to pre-order the game, be an EA or Origin Access subscriber, or receive a friend code from someone who has already been invited. The VIP demo starts today and continues until Sunday, January 27 at 6PM PT / 9PM ET, which is January 28 at 2AM in the UK. BioWare lead producer Michael Gamble tweeted out that he doesn’t think you’ll have to play the demo on the system you’ll ultimately use for the main game in order to unlock the vinyl, which implies the cosmetic is tied to your EA account.

There are many parts of Anthem’s Javelins that can be customized, both in the demo and in the main game. You can choose the type of material for each section of a suit, as well as the color of armor plates. The overall wear state of the Javelin can be changed as well, ranging from brand-new to dirty, and a vinyl can be applied for an extra dash of color and style. Each Javelin can be equipped with up to three custom emotes too, as well as a unique landing animation and victory pose.

But before you get to all of that, you’ll need to pick out which Javelin is right for you. Although you’ll be able to unlock all four in the main game, the VIP demo starts you with the Ranger and then only allows you to unlock one other Javelin after reaching level 12. The Ranger is best suited for those who prefer to fight with precision-based attacks that will support their teammates. The Interceptor’s light armor, high speed, and powerful melee attacks make it ideal for close-range, hit-and-run tactics. The Colossus may be a lumbering giant, but it’s got the highest defense in the game and is the only Javelin strong enough to wield heavy weapons. Finally, the Storm can hover in the air a lot longer than its fellow Javelins, and with its fast cooldown rates it can almost continuously fire off powerful blasts of ice or summon lightning strikes.

There’s a second Anthem demo that’s free for everyone from February 1-3. Anthem comes to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on February 22, but you can play a week early on Xbox One or PC if you’re an EA or Origin Access subscriber

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