Madden NFL 19 Predicts Super Bowl 53 Winner

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, marking one of the biggest events in professional sports. As usual, EA has run a simulation game in its annual football release, Madden NFL 19, and concluded that the Los Angeles Rams will defeat the New England Patriots.

The final score of the simulated game was 30-27, showing a high-scoring game with tons of offensive play. The Patriots led in the first half 17-3, but the Rams came back big in the second with three touchdowns and two field goals. The simulation also pegged Aaron Donald for the MVP award, given a record four sacks in a single Super Bowl game.

EA has used Madden to predict every Super Bowl game since 2004. While the simulation is never bullseye-accurate on the exact score or game-winning plays, the simulations have come away with a pretty solid 10-5 record of success in predicting the winner. One of those misses was just last year, however, when the game showed the Patriots winning against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles ended up winning in an upset, and QB Nick Foles received the MVP award instead of Patriots QB Tom Brady.
«Madden 19 is an excellent football game that improves on last year’s entry in almost every way,» critic Eddie Makuch wrote in GameSpot’s review. «There are problems, but there has never been a football game that more authentically represents the NFL than this in terms of presentation, controls, and depth.»

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