The Division 2’s PS4, Xbox One, PC Beta Detailed

The Division 2’s release date of March 15 is fast approaching, but you’ll soon be able to play even before then. The game’s private beta starts soon on PS4, Xbox One, and PC-here are all the details.

The beta starts on February 7 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT / 8 PM AET, and lasts for precisely four days. Luckily, you can preload the trial 24 hours before its scheduled start time.

As you’d expect, publisher Ubisoft says the beta will include a taste of what to expect in the final game. Two main missions are playable, along with five side missions and «additional activities in the open world.» Three new Dark Zones will show off The Division 2’s brand of PvPvE action, while you can sample the more organized PvP gameplay in a Conflict game mode named Skirmish.

Additionally, one slice of endgame content is included in the beta: an Invaded mission will unlock on February 8 at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT / 8 PM AET. The test period will otherwise cap players’ progress at level 30.

The Division 2 continues the story of a society-disrupting pandemic but moves from the first game’s setting in New York City to the US capital, Washington DC. The sequel brings back the realistic loot-driven RPG elements from the first game, with more focus on player choice to impact the world. The PvP aspect of the game, Dark Zones, have also changed.

The Division 2 on PC will be using the newly launched Epic Games Store for distribution rather than Steam, and Ubisoft recently revealed its system requirements. Check out our pre-order guide for more details.

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