The Outer Worlds Set For Physical Release on PS4 and Xbox One

Correction 2/8/19: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that The Outer Worlds would have a physical PC release. However, it will only release on PC digitally. 

The announcement of Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming RPGThe Outer Worlds, at last year’s Game Awards was met with a great deal of excitement. While details on the sci-fi title have been limited since its reveal, recent reports suggest that a physical release will be available alongside a digital version.

As indicated by Game Informer, players will be able to purchase copies of The Outer Worlds on disc for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version of The Outer Worlds will be digital only. Retail price for all three versions will be $60.

With confirmation that there will be physical editions of the RPG available, some players may want to know exactly when they will be able to purchase their copies. While it has been announced that The Outer Worlds will see release in 2019, Obsidian and Private Division, the game’s publisher, are not yet able to confirm a definitive launch date beyond that.

Until these companies are ready to say more, anxious players will have to find solace in the information that has already been made available. One such piece of information is that The Outer Worlds will not feature microtransactions, something confirmed in an interview between Senior Narrative Designer Megan Starks and RPG Site.

Furthermore, Starks has indicated that the game will feature companions, a staple of many modern RPGs, that will abandon players based on their actions. «There are some things you can do that will make a companion leave you, personal to that companion,» Starks wrote on Twitter at the end of last year.

With respect to companions, it has also been stated that player characters will not be able to engage in romantic relationships with the NPCs. While romance options are featured in many games, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, co-creators of the original Fallout titles, clarified, in an interview with Polygon, that it was left out due to its potential negative impact on roleplaying.

The news that The Outer Worlds will get a physical release may not satisfy those that are hungry for details about the title, but at least it suggests that the game is being taken seriously by its publisher. Hopefully, for those that are eagerly anticipating the title, more information will be available soon.

Details on The Outer Worlds physical release can be found on Game Informer.

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