Video Game Release Dates For May 2019: PS4, Xbox One, PC, And Switch

As the year progresses, we’re slowly getting our hands on a variety of fantastic games across PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. And with E3 2019 just around the corner, the number of what’s coming is about to skyrocket. Until then, there are plenty of big-name games and smaller indie experiences releasing soon to keep you busy.

May’s biggest release has to be Rage 2, the latest open-world shooter from developers id Software and Avalanche Studios. Other big highlights include Team Sonic Racing and Total War: Three Kingdoms. The former is the newest entry in the cult favorite Sonic kart racing spin-off series, while the latter is the highly-anticipated twelfth mainline entry in the Total War series.

If you’re big on Switch ports, there are a bunch coming this month. You can expect versions of classic Assassin’s Creed and Resident Evil games all showing up on the portable platform. For a look at everything releasing in May, you can see all of the biggest game releases in the table below. For a wider look at what’s ahead this year, be sure to check out our complete list of game release dates in 2019.

Rage 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) – May 14

Rage 2 is one of the most unexpected sequels to be announced in a while. Both Id Software and Avalanche Studios are responsible for the upcoming open-world first-person shooter; the talent on both sides certainly helps. Avalanche Studios has years of experience crafting large and chaotic worlds in its games, with vehicle combat and special effects being a bit of its specialty as of late. On the other hand, Id Software is well-capable of making fantastic first-person shooters.

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Team Sonic Racing (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch) – May 21

Team Sonic Racing is the third game in the well-received Sonic kart racing series. This time around it’s focusing on cooperative play, having you work with a team and share power-ups in order to win a race.

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Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC) – May 23

The highly successful strategy series from the Creative Assembly and Sega finally will finally return this month with Total War: Three Kingdoms. Set just prior to China’s Three Kingdom’s period in the 14th century, the game takes you through the quintessential historical conflict often depicted in popular film and games. Featuring two distinct game modes, Romance mode plays off the supernatural character tropes defined in the classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, while Classic is more focused on realistic warfare akin to what you’ve seen in previous mainline entries of the series.

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Full May Release Schedule
Game Platform Release Date
The Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel II PS4 May 7
Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 PS4, Xbox One, PC May 9
Yakuza Kiwami 2 PC May 9
Saints Row: The Third Switch May 10
A Plague Tale: Innocence PS4, Xbox One, PC May 14
Rage 2 PS4, Xbox One, PC May 14
Bubsy: Paws on Fire! PS4, Switch, PC May 19
Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Switch May 21
Everybody’s Golf VR PSVR May 21
Observation PS4, PC May 21
Resident Evil 0 Switch May 21
Resident Evil Switch May 21
Resident Evil 4 Switch May 21
Team Sonic Racing PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch May 21
Total War: Three Kingdoms PC May 23
Blood & Truth PS4 May 28
Trover Saves The Universe PSVR May 31

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